Emily Rose Flower Crowns


emily rose

Yes, Emily Rose is my actual name. :) When I was little, I drew a little rose with two leaves every time I signed a card to someone. It's funny though - I've actually never been a huge fan of flowers (or at least the type of fan you would expect a flower-focused business owner to be) But I swear something magical happens when you weave them into a crown and wear them, something that makes more and more girls want to wear them on their wedding day because the brides that do look a little extra stunning. 

As a former bride-to-be, I know firsthand all the work involved in planning a wedding and know how stressful it can becomeif you don't learn to delegate - someone to design, shop for, and create the things you know you want.  I want to be that for people.  Hence, Emily Rose Flower Crowns was born!

flower crowns

I specialize in bridal flower crowns & exclusively use faux flowers. Since they're worn on the biggest day of your life, I make sure my crowns are high quality, durable, + shipped with extra care. Each crown is designed and handcrafted with carefully chosen colors and silk blooms so that the crown looks lush and beautiful but also won't wilt or fall apart on your wedding day. Emily Rose Flower Crowns become an heirloom that can be worn again, put on display or given to the next generation. 

I also make silk bouquets! Ask me about them. :)



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