Emily Rose Flower Crowns

Silk Bouquets + Flower Crowns

Emily Rose 

Hello! My name is Emily Rose and I've been itching to create since I can remember. One of my first memories is making 'art' on the walls of my childhood home by glueing different colored felt hearts everywhere (Sorry, mom). I've taken up painting, drawing, playing musical instruments, interior decorating, and writing and and I never once thought that florals would be where I'd land or that people from all over the world would ask me to create wedding pieces for them but here I am and I love it!

The little seed that started this business was wanting to incorporate my grandmother's memory into my wedding as much as possible. I found these beautiful preserved pale pink roses in her little cottage in Michigan and knew I had to use them somehow. I decided to weave them into a flower crown and the rest is history!

As a former bride-to-be, I know firsthand all the work involved in planning a wedding and know how stressful it can become if you don't learn to delegate - someone to design, shop for, and create the things you know you want.  I want to be that for people.  Let me be the one stressing over all those floral details and trimming every individual flower until it's perfect so you can have more time with your loved ones!

Flower Crowns (and Bouquets!)

I specialize in bridal flower crowns + bouquets and exclusively use faux flowers to create these. Since they're worn on the biggest day of your life, I make sure my products are high quality, durable, + shipped with extra care. Each item is designed and carefully handcrafted by myself and all custom products are submitted for approval before shipment. 

Because these items take time and care to make, I require orders to be placed a minimum of one month in advance of the event date. However, I sometimes am able to make exceptions and do offer some expedited services so if you need it sooner, let me know!

Why Faux?

Faux flowers means you don't have to worry about wilting or imperfections and you can keep it looking like this for years to come! No drying out your wedding bouquet and hoping it turns out ok to preserve in your home. These babies are lasting. And I've worked hard to find the best of the best faux flowers to make sure you don't have to compromise on quality. My flowers actually look real, but they will get all the benefits of being faux. Faux also means you can travel with my products so if you're having a destination wedding, you can bring along your handcrafted wedding crown and bouquet no problem.





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